Explain the Need for Sexual Responsibility in Personal Relationships

Topics: Want, Need, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Explain the need for Sexual Responsibility in Personal Relationships

Listen and be listened to- We need to hear our partners' thoughts, feelings, and ideas. We should also expect our partners to care about what we have to say. Be honest and expect honesty- We need to be truthful with each other about what we do, think, and feel. Share our feelings and expect our partners to share theirs- We need to be able to say what is on our minds and know that we will react to one another respectfully. Disagree and allow disagreement- Partners often have different desires, opinions, and ideas. They have the right to think differently. Partners need to respect each other’s' unique points of view Be fair and expect to be treated fairly- Partners need to be considerate of each other and treat each other equally in their relationships. Consider our partners' needs and have ours considered- Decisions that affect both partners should be made together with one another's well-being in mind. Partners need to be able to compromise. Give support and be supported- Partners need to support one another's emotional needs. Help our partners feel good about them and expect the same in return- Partners need to acknowledge one another's efforts and accomplishments. Forgive and expect forgiveness- No one is perfect, and making mistakes is a normal part of life. If we apologize and are forgiven, we can move on. We shouldn't constantly remind one another of past mistakes. Let our partners use their own money as they like and expect the same in return- We should all be allowed to make our own decisions on how we spend our own money. We also have a responsibility to live up to whatever financial commitments we have made together. Respect our partners' needs for other relationships and expect the same in return- We all have a right to friendships outside of our primary relationships. Spending time apart with family and friends is normal and healthy. Respect our partners' privacy and need for...
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