Explain the moral issues of genetic engineering?

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Genetic engineering Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 23, 2013
1) Explain the moral issues involved in Genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering is the modification of an organism by changing its genetic material. Genes can be transferred from different organisms and this makes many things possible with genetic engineering. Examples of genetic engineering include taking the insulin gene and using bacteria to create quick and cheap insulin to treat diabetics. Genetic engineering can also be used on food. For example, people lacking vitamin A in their diet can take the Carotene gene and eat modified golden rice.

The law in Britain on genetic modification is quite complicated. Currently, no GM crops are being commercially grown in the UK. However, they are being imported. To market or release a GM product you must have your application authorised. Applications are considered at EU level and safety towards humans and the environment are carefully looked at. The law also requires GM products to be labelled clearly, as many people aren’t comfortable with genetically modified products.

Genetic modification is a controversial issue. It allows you to produce organisms with modified features. It does have many benefits, such as crops growing and tasting better. This could be very advantageous for a farmer in terms of income. Genetic modification is being used to enrich food of specific nutrients for different people. This could help people with having a more balanced diet and living a healthier but some are concerned with the health risk of modified food. As scientists find more about genetic modification and the risks involved, it could be used to tackle many long-term problems such as food shortages, and in agriculture.

Human genetic engineering isn't very common yet and is still being researched heavily by scientists. However, they think they can manipulate certain traits of individuals as well as modifying DNA. Genetic modification is a great breakthrough in science but there is still a lot of research to be done...
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