Explain the Factors Involved in Planning the Monitoring and Assessment of Work Performance

Topics: Management, Leadership, Shopping mall Pages: 5 (1096 words) Published: February 25, 2013
BTEC Edexcel HNC/HND Business

UNIT 14: Working with and Leading People

The following tasks have been designed to guide your work and provide you with opportunities to provide evidence that demonstrates your understanding of working with and leading people. Each task is different and is set within a specific scenario that you need to read carefully. It is important to place your work in the context of a business organisation therefore examples will be required to support your discussion linked with appropriate theory. The work you present for assessment must be your own and all sources of information used need to be cited in the text and in a reference list using the Harvard Referencing System


|Task 1 | | | |Scenario | |Simon Smith has been running a small coffee shop business (Simon’s) for the last three years in a busy area of London popular with | |tourists. The company now owns the original coffee shop and two others within a 3 mile radius. | |The business is owned by Simon and two other business partners who do not take much of an active role in the business day to day. There | |is a small management team that is made up of the original owner, a senior manager and Finance Director. Each shop has a manager, | |assistant manager and a mix of junior and senior staff. The coffee shops attract a range of customers including tourists and workers from| |offices, retail outlets and leisure venues that are situated close by. The usual mix of popular drinks and food are sold at reasonable | |prices in each shop and all shops are regularly busy. The shops are famous for cakes and pastries in addition to good strong coffee. In | |addition there is hot food such as wraps, paninis and light breakfasts. | |The Shops | |The original shop is situated on a busy street near to a tube station and has a room with 12 tables and a few armchairs and sofas. The | |Manager Steve is English and has been with the company from the start and is a very confident and pleasant man who works hard. The 6 | |staff work in shifts to ensure the shop is staffed from early morning until 8 in the evening. They are a mix of men and women some of | |whom are students working part-time and come from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. | |The second shop is within a small shopping mall and is a similar size to the original shop. The Manager (Yasmin) has 6 staff also and | |these are similar in make up as the other shops. Shop three is a mile away and is in a side street although close to the tube station and| |offices. It is a little smaller than the others The Manager (Johan) is new to the company and has a staff of 4 some of whom were in the | |original shop. There is a lot of repeat business from the local workforce who enjoy the quality of the products and the prices. The | |turnover is showing a healthy profit for the owners and they are keen to maximise their potential profits and are considering options for| |the business as it moves forward. | |The Task | |The new strategic plan for Simon’s...
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