Explain The Different Methods Of Training And Development

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The training and development became one of the needs of the organization for developing their employees’ skills and gaining their knowledge and strengthens their abilities. In this report I will explain about the three methods of training that employers use for their trainees. First is the on the job training method, second is the off the job training and the third one is the blended training which is mix of on and off the job together. When training, employers shouldn’t forget to generate the employees’ interest, current knowledge and investment. Introducing the best practice and training method for trainees is not easy and should be planned. It is part of the employers to help the employees for developing, capitalize their...

As a result, to make them being able to achieve their own goals, developing their abilities and perceptive for the business success. As well, training and development have the power to change the behavior of individuals toward their work to the best and in fact trainees need the support for that. Once they receive the knowledge they need for the work and ideas to let them change themselves to the better, it will indirectly make them acquire some capabilities that will enable them to perform very well under any tough circumstances, know how to deal with problems and use their skills that they learnt in different kinds of situations. The individuals are the core function of the entire productivity; so that they need to be developed more and that will only come under good training.

There is no doubt that the training can actually change the whole performance of business in the organization, along with making high profit and having the required skills needed for the operation and workflow. As a result of that the customer satisfaction will be high along with obvious improvement in the employees’ retention. After that, employees will be more loyal, feel valued and that they are part of the company’s overall success. Another role of the training and development is that employees will be motivated to work on different activities in the organization and open for new...
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