Explain the Difference Between Christianity and a Cult

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Explain the difference between Christianity and a cult| Stage Two Religion Studies 2012
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Christianity, a at least 2000 year old religion and possibly the most popular in the world, with over 2 billion adherents, is what 90% of a group of fifteen to eighteen year old students answered when they were asked which religion first comes to mind when they hear the word “religion”.Cults on the other hand, are a controversial topic due to their bizarre practises and mind control techniques. Cults are often derived from principles of popular religions, including Christianity, however practised in an extreme manner. The difference between Christianity and a cult can be explained and discovered through an in-depth comparison between devout Christians and brainwashed cult members and the public’s perspective of both. These points and the definitions of major terms will be expanded into the paragraphs below. Through this research the following question sets to be answered: is Christianity essentially the world’s largest cult? A Christian can be defined as “following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ”. Christian’s believe that; there is only one God, that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred and that there is an afterlife (Heaven and Hell). A devout Christian could be described as somebody who dedicates their life to Christianity. More than attending a Sunday mass once in awhile, or saying Grace before dinner, a devout Christian is somebody who’s entire life revolves around their religion. Religion in our society is generally socially accepted. There are some places in the world where it is a social norm to practise a religion. It is often forgotten that Christmas, a worldwide holiday, is actually a religious occasion. It is almost expected that Christmas, the birth of Christ, is celebrated by everyone in our society, that when one doesn’t, they are...
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