Explain How the Interplay Between Two Different Perspectives on Characters and Situations Found in Two of Lawson's Stories Set for Study and One Other Related Text of Your Own Choosing Highlights the Distinctly Visual.

Topics: Metaphor, Sensory system, Elaine Benes Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: August 14, 2010
Explain how the interplay between two different perspectives on characters and situations found in two of Lawson’s stories set for study and one other related text of your own choosing highlights the distinctly visual.

In Henry Lawson’s stories, the “Drover’s Wife” and “The Loaded Dog”, and in Wilfred Owens’s “The Last Laugh”, the different perspectives on characters and situations interplay to give the audience a story through which they are caught up. Through the use of alliteration, some metaphors and similes, as well as onomatopoeia and personification, Lawson and Owens give their audience a feeling of the distinctly visual. Both authors convey distinctive experiences through different ways.

Lawson describes scenes to the audience in such detail that he makes it possible for the readers to place themselves in the particular situation he is creating, even if they have never had that experience. This technique helps to link the reader with that specific feeling. An example is in “The Drover’s Wife”, the quote “It must be near daylight”. This brings the audience to the present situation, after they are lost in the past memories of the woman, using the perspective of the woman. The views of the characters are depicted through the eyes of the wife. The characters are those whom she interacts with, such as her children, the dog, the swagman, and to an extent, her own husband. The situation is there being a snake stuck in their house, and she is scared yet brave enough to kill it and prevent it killing her children. One example would be “Close and hot”. Using the sense of touch, it makes the reader feel like they are breathless, cut off, with no sense of space, being over-heated due to the sense of being worried and tense. “Suddenly” brings a break and a height in the tension. The speed and length of this sentence contrasts with others like “a thrill runs through his body”.

In the “Loaded Dog”, it is evident that Lawson uses an abundance of dry humour, as...
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