Explain How Psychological Perspectives Have Been Used to Criminal Behavior

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Explain how psychological perspectives have been used to criminal behavior
Biological approaches:
(P1)The biological approach means that our behavior is the cause of biological factors. This approach looks at our genetics to construct a reason why we act the way we do and why we develop abnormal behaviors. The brain and nervous system are the biological approach and so are chemical changes in the body .This can mean chemical reactions in the brain. For instance, in eating disorders - twin studies were carried out and it was shown that if one identical twin suffered from an eating disorder then the other twin would also be more likely to suffer from a disorder as well. This did not happen with non-identical twins, suggesting that the cause is biological as there was a clear difference between non-identical and identical twins, yet all twins share the same upbringing and so on.
Biological theories of criminality basically purport that criminal behavior is the result of some flaw in the biological makeup of the individual. This physical flaw could be due to heredity; Jonathan could have had chromosomal abnormalities and therefore inherited an extra Y chromosome (XYY). This extra Y chromosome creates a strong compulsion that the XYY carrier is at extreme risk of committing violent crimes, as of so we have seen on Tregar’s criminal profile.
Cognitive Approaches
(P1)The cognitive approach is the approach to human behavior that focuses on the way human’s process information or how we think. It is the idea that if we know and understand what makes people do things, then that process will explain the reasoning behind everything we do and are. Cognitive psychology studies our mental processes or cognitions. These mental processes that cognitive psychologists focus on include memory, perception, thinking and language. The main assumption of the cognitive approach is that information received from our senses is processed by the brain, and that this processing directs

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