Explain How People From Different Backgrounds May Use and/or Interpret Communication Methods in Different Ways

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, British Sign Language Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Explain How People From Different Backgrounds May Use and/or Interpret Communication Methods in Different Ways

Working in early years in a multi cultural society, it is important to understand that people who do come from different backgrounds may have different ways of communicating and they may even interpret the way others communicate unexpectedly. For some people, English may not be there first language, this could mean that they only have a basic grasp on the English language, making communication between practitioner and a parent or child in this situation very difficult. In some circumstance, the parent/carer may have an interpreter with them communicating in this way, this is usually a family member. Before the summer, a little boy moved to England with his family and started at the Sherwood Playgroup. His grandfather would often drop him off and pick him up, however he and his grandfather did not speak English and so the little boys older brother would interpret anything we needed to tell his grandfather for us. Having a young family member interpret for his/her parent/carer could be problematic if they did not actually understand the meaning of what was being said which could cause a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. Another way we were able to communicate with the boys family would be to send notes and letters home to the boys mother the ensure important messages would be passed along. To be able to communicate with us, the boy would sometimes act out what he needed or wanted, for example he would point to his private area if he needed to use to toilet. There are cultures and people with disorders who may interpret non-verbal communications as inappropriate or intrusive. Eye contact in some cultures, particularly Asian cultures, can be considered quite rude, whereas in most western countries if eye contact is not given it may appear as though that person is trying to hide something or is untrustworthy. People with hearing or speaking...
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