Explain How One External and One Internal Influence Can Impact One the Business

Topics: Customer service, Culture, Morality Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: April 2, 2013
An internal factor that can influence K & L Constructions is business culture, which include values, Symbols, Heroes and Rites rituals and celebrations.

Values are the basic principles that is shared throughout the business and can include factors such as hard work, respect, quality customer service and dedication. Workers will have a sense of belonging and therefore will complete their jobs with a enthusiastic approach and have favourable responses from its customers resulting a successful business.

Symbols are objects or events that are a representations or a value to the company. A logo of K & L may be classified as a symbol which will be designed to represent the company and hold a substantial amount of importance due to its role in appearing in official documents, the eyes of customers and advertising of the company, affecting its reputation and growth.

The Hero of a business holds values of the company, respects its symbols, and effectively contributes to its rites, rituals and celebrations, hence influencing others to do the same and ultimately having uniform values across K & L Constructions.

Rites, rituals and celebrations are in which workers develop fellowship with the business and other workers. K & L staff will able to exchange work ethics and hold a stronger bond with each other, especially those who are not able to correspond throughout the week, ultimately creating K & L a unified workplace

An external factor that can influence the company is technology. Due to the nature of K & L being a construction business, it will come across new advancing tools for facets such as labour, advertising and payment methods. Technology is used to make requirements of the company easier to meet and/or less costly to carry out.

Advancing tools in the labour industry may influence this company immensely by reducing costs (for lower demands of labour), improved efficiency and high sales to have such updated tools. For example, if K & L have...
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