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Explain how not getting enough sleep affects your day

By YoungsterGlenn Apr 19, 2015 309 Words
Explain how not getting enough sleep affects your day.
Many people that regularly skip sleeping for the recommended amount of time each night or regularly experience insomnia will find that a lack of sleep can have many negative effects on the body. Getting enough sleep rejuvenates the body and repairs the damage that is caused to the body during the normal actions of the day. When the body does not get enough rest, the damage cannot be repaired and continues to get worse. A lack of sleep can cause injury, loss of brain function, and even death if continued for a long period of time. The effects of a consistent loss of sleep can be very dangerous to the person and others around them. The longer the person goes without sleep, the worse the effects will be until the person collapses and becomes hospitalized or has a fatal accident. People that are suffering from a deficiency of sleep can experience memory lapses, decreased concentration, and hallucinations. As this continues, the person can experience depersonalization where they do not believe that they or any of the people around them are real, almost as if they feel they are living in a dream. A sleep deficit does not only affect the brain, but affects many other areas of the body as well. People that have gone without the proper amount of sleep for a long amount of time can have muscle fatigue, a weakened immune system, blurred vision, headaches, and nausea. The average human should get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and the average child should get 9. In most cases, returning to normal sleep each night can stop these conditions but in some cases, the damage is irreversible. There are many different ways that a lack of sleep can affect the body and are all very dangerous.

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