Explain How Greek Ideas of Hubris Lead to the Destruction of Characters in Oedipus and Agamemnon and If Surrendering to Fate Would Have Altered the Outcome of the Plays.

Topics: Aeschylus, Marriage, Acts of the Apostles Pages: 3 (1375 words) Published: May 30, 2006
In ancient Greek time it was thought that the gods had decided everyones fate a path of how to live their lives and that they fitted everything together like a puzzle and that if someone defied the way of things were suppose to turn out it would disturbed the whole puzzle. So Greeks felt that someone who committed an act of hubris messed up the way everyone's life should go so these people in turn were exiled or cursed. In most Greek tragedies there is an act of hubris towards the gods, this bends the play into a different direction and usually affects the outcome. In both Agamemnon and Oedipus hubris is committed by the main characters and this leads to the consequences of the play, although in Oedipus he tried to defy the gods to save others, whereas Agamemnon ignores the consequences and defies the gods to make himself look good. In both plays the families have a long line of curses that have been passed down through generations these also contribute to the outcomes of the plays as the cures are carried down to the children. I will discuss how hubris changes the outcome of the plays and how if the characters had surrendered to their fate it would have changed their futures. I will explore how the acts of hubris effect other characters though out the play and how curses are carried though generation due to acts of hubris.

In the play Agamemnon there is already a long history of hubris and curses, such as Agamemnon's father boiled his brothers children and served the o him on a plate. Agamemnon chooses to ignore these family curses to keep his pride and show that he is not afraid of the gods even thought he is. He does think about what he is doing and what consequences it could have and he some times doesn't want defy the gods but he fells that his pride is the most important thing and commits the act of hubris any way. Agamemnon is told his fate by his sex slave Cassandra she told him that his wife would kill him but Cassandra is cursed in that no one...
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