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Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.

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In order to work effectively with children, young people and their families and so that we can plan for and meet their needs, it is essential to establish good relationships with a number of people. An example of these are seen below:
Between Early Years Practitioners and a child, communication is essential to build children's confidence. Promoting good behaviour and being a positive role model in the work setting is vital to bond relationship to interact with others, helping a better settlement and effective developments in all areas.
Early Years Practitioners and other members of staff is another example where communication is essential, working as a good team with consistency and providing positive reinforcement when needed is crucial. The school and all members are closely linked and one of their aim is to work and build a close relationship between colleagues with positive and good communication to promote a good example to follow.
It is essential that Early Years Practitioners and parents also maintain a close relationship. The earlier we start to build a successful relationship with a child, the quicker parents begin to build confidence and trust in us, that we can take care of the child and the child will enjoy the experience.
Early Years Practitioner play an important role in discovering and supporting children with disabilities, speech impediment or any other related social problem. Other Agencies like Family and Children Social Worker, Speech and Language/Therapist or other professionals visit schools providing and dealing with all children's needs. It is very important that a member of staff, EYP and other agencies work together as part of a team, with consistency in their work and keeping all information provided by the school confidential.

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