Explain How and Why the Australian Government Responded to the Threat of Communism.

Topics: Cold War, Communism, Mao Zedong Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Communism is a system where there is no private ownership of business or property and the country’s wealth gets shared among the population. Vladimir Lenin started the communist international which was an organisation with an aim of spreading communism throughout the world. Communism really was a threat to Australians in the 1950s, the events of the Korean War, different alliances being formed, the banning of the Communist party of Australia (CPA) and the Petrov affair all tell us that communism could spread to Australia. Australia responded to the threat of communism by joining the Korean war in 1950, Australia joined the Korean war to prevent fighting communism in Australia, so they fought overseas. The war was between the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) backed North Korea and the United States (US) backed South Korea. The war started on the 25th of June 1950 and ended on the 27th of July 1953 when the US threatened a nuclear attack. Another response to the threat of communism from the Australian Government was forming alliances with other countries to protect Australia from communism. During the 1950s the world was split into two, the communists led by the USSR, China and North Korea and the Capitalist which were led by the US and The United Nations (UN) including Australia. As a result of the threat of communism in 1951 the Liberal Prime Minister Robert Menzies signed the ANZUS treaty with the US and New Zealand. The treaty stated that if one of the three nations were attacked the other nations would aid them in defence. As well as the ANZUS treaty to assist Australia’s defence Robert Menzies signed the SEATO Alliance in 1954. It was an agreement between the US, Britain, France, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand and Pakistan. It was specifically created to control the threat of communism spreading in south east Asia. The Australian Government responded to the threat of communism with the banning of the CPA, which the Liberal party saw as a...
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