Explain and discuss Sociology concepts

Topics: Sociology, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Astride Victor
Sociology 101
Prof. Michael Fraser
December 6, 2012

Explain and discuss Sociology concepts. State assumptions and provide examples from the articles to support and strengthen your point of view. Offer your opinion. Write references correctly using the ASA format.

c) Ten other sociological concepts (five from each article)

Symbol: Is anything a sound, a gesture, an image, an object that represents something else. Refer to the article, the 12 year old Autumn lost her life for nothing after a short communication on face book with the young guy for her own bike for example: The story was on TV (news) they said their mother said “She saw something in one of their face book posting and she called the police” and the bike made them have an suspicious who killed the girl. When the police found out that was the two brothers Justin and Donte Robinson killed the girl. Also Autumn bike represented the symbol of sociological concept. Language: an elaborate system of symbol that allow people to communicate with one another in complex ways. At the beginning of the story from the article Baxter and Queally explained how Autumn and Justin had a dialog on face book, they were communicate to each other and then after four days she disappeared.

Hypothesis: a statement about the relationship between variables that is to be investigated. For example the hypothesis is about Slain 12 year old Autumn Pasquale and murder suspect Justin and Donte Robinson. Survey: a data collection technique that involves asking someone a series of questions. Back to the article my point of view is about Autumn didn’t know Justin and his brother pretty well She saw them before at the laundry, she said” They always smiled” They seemed sweet” but, she didn’t know who’s later going to take her life. Justin asked Autumn a series of question on face book and she answered them like “Is that your bike “Autumn “ Cme 2 my house” after certain days her...

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