Experimental Skills

Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Experimental Skills
1. What is a fact?
A fact is a certain concept, idea or a piece of information that is true. It does not need to be proved or confirmed. It is a fact,

2. What is scientific data?
Scientific data are collated numbers, statistics or general results recorded after a proper scientific experiment. It cannot be generated through experience or opinions.

3. What is a hypothesis?
A hypothesis is a curious scientific guess or prediction based on a scientific theory or a fact. They are usually in the form of IF, THEN, BECAUSE. IF and THEN describes what might happen, and BECAUSE describes why it might happen.

4. How does a hypothesis differ from an opinion?
An opinion is a general, personalised idea or perspective of an event; it does not require any scientific background. A hypothesis IS required to be supported by relevant scientific theories or facts. The main difference is: opinions are ideas without proves, hypotheses are ideas with proves.

5. What are steps to be followed in the scientific method?

1. Identify the Aim of the experiment, and research the background information 2. With the research, come up with a hypothesis.
3. Read and understand all experiment instructions completely and thoroughly. 4. Read safety hazards (if applicable) and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment 5. Prepare all materials and apparatus needed unless otherwise required. (eg. Avoid oxidation) 6. Make observations/records of current readings if required. (eg. Temperature, density) 7. Carry out the experiment with care, while making close observations and precise records 8. Finish the experiment; appropriately collate the data (eg. Tables, graphs) 9. Make a significant conclusion based on the experiment results.

6. From your previous practical work, state a hypothesis and then the independent and dependent variables. If Magnesium (Mg) is mixed with Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), then the Magnesium will be eroded (dissolve) and form...
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