Experimental Research

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Experimental Research

Craig S. Ricard


Due: March 11, 2012

Experimental Research

Recently, a group of teachers wanted to determine the effectiveness of using anti-bacterial gels against the spreading of germs from person to person and overall preventing them from getting the cold or flu. In order to see if using anti-bacterial gels prevents getting the flu or a cold an experiment must be performed with the teachers. The experiment must be properly performed by randomly dividing the teachers into groups so that outcomes are not altered by race, age, or sex. The experiment breaks down as follows


The Hypothesis

A hypothesis is an educated prediction of an experiment based on the factors. In this case it is my hypothesis that using anti-bacterial will help prevent the spreading of germs from person to person and overall reduce the chances of getting a cold or the flu.

Experimental Research

Randomization is the separating of experiment participants by random selection. This way test results to be more conclusive because results are not altered by factors of age, education, culture, or gender. In this experiment teachers will be divided into two separate groups randomly. Some participants will use anti-bacterial gels and other participants will not use anti-bacterial gels. Separate statistics will be collected for each group to determine outcome of experiment.

Treatment Group
The treatment group is the group that receives treatment to help prove the hypothesis. The treatment group is this experiment will be the teachers that use anti-bacterial gels.

Control Group
The control group is the group that does not receive treatment in experiment. They are not given treatment so that researchers have baseline information about all test subjects. The control group in this experiment will be the teachers that do not use anti-bacterial gels during the experiment.

Measurement examines what...
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