Experimental Design & Hypothesis Testing

Topics: Type I and type II errors, Null hypothesis, Coral reef Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Lab 3: Experimental Design & Hypothesis Testing
1. Some observations found about termites are that they live in moist, dark environments, they are sterile and lack eyes, and their primary task is to collect food. From this information the hypothesis that due to their lack of eyes, they use feeling of their skin to find what they are searching for and a pencil line would give a feeling of wood that would attract the termites. By making a course that split into two paths of a pen line and pencil line, the termites will prefer the pencil line and follow the pencil. Toward the end the termites were found mostly on neither pen or pencil therefore showing no correlation toward the feeling of pencil or pen. The experiment had a limit on the amount of termites and what would be best would be able to have many termites, such as 20, start at the starting point by placing them there accurately. They hypothesis seemed fine but the experimental design was flawed. 2. Students are known to do generally better on tests by studying for them rather than not studying the test. The alternate hypothesis would be that students who study for their test would do better on their test and the null hypothesis is there no difference in scores between the students who study and do not study. The independent variable would be the students and the dependent variable would be the scores of the tests. To test for the hypothesis there would be a split between students and one group will study for the test while the other group does not. Then the test is given at the same time and afterward the scores of the test is collected. The confounding factor for this situation is the measurement of how smart the student is and their experience toward the subject of the test. The students’ knowledge would skewed the overall data even if there shows an increase of scores for the students who studied. 3. A) Type II would be the statistical error I would be most concerned about because if the null...
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