Experiment: Tensile Test

Topics: Tensile strength, Elasticity, Materials science Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Tensile test is also known as tension test. It is material’s strength test where pulling force is applied from two ends. It is very important mechanical property evaluation test which provides fundamental properties like strength, stiffness, elastic limit, ultimate tensile strength etc. in this test, test object are standard size and shape but different material, then direct comparison of properties of those materials can be made. We had used standard “dumb-bell” shaped specimen.

Aims & Objective
The objective of this experiment is to investigate the behaviour of different material specimens under tensile test. The materials to be investigated are brass, 0.85% carbon steel, 0.1%carbon steel and aluminium. From this test we can determine young’s modulus, percentage elongation at fracture, percentage reduction in cross sectional area at fracture, strain at elastic limit, stress at elastic limit, ultimate tensile stress, strain at failure etc. This test is widely used in industrial sector to determine material’s properties. One example could be determining the ultimate tensile stress of a rope to check it can hold maximum weight.

Used Equipment
• Elongation percentage gauge
• Reduction area gauge
• Micrometer
• Test machine

First of all measure the diameter of specimen then set the elongation and reduction of area gauges to zero for specimen. Load the specimen into test machine and carefully take up the slack. Make sure everything is correct then down the safety shield. After that zero all the reading and command the computer to start the test. The load will increase automatically until the sample fracture. Observe the specimen and record changes during the test. When the piece has failed the machine will automatically stop after that, remove the piece carefully. Measure the elongation and reduction in area of specimen. Similarly repeat this method for each specimen....
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