Experiences with racism and prejudice

Topics: Racism, Sociology, Discrimination Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Sociology 210
June 10, 2013
Experiences with Prejudice and Discrimination
         Discrimination or the unfair treatment of people because of their group membership can be seen in all walks of life. (Brym and Lie pg.176) Within this essay I will talk about my personal experiences with racial discrimination, as well as prejudice. Prejudice is an attitude that judges due to ones social ties with a specific group (pg. 176). Every day life for my family, my husband and two children, can change at the grasp of a pocketbook or the grimace of a face. You may wonder, why? Well my family is interracial. My husband is Black, Irish, and Puerto Rican and I am Cuban and Irish. This has caused multiple types of prejudices. Until recently I would have never guessed that the cause of these beliefs could be explained sociologically.          Being brought up by parents whom lives parallel that of Tony and Maria, the two main characters of West Side Story. (see LM 4 video) The idea of racism was never instilled in me. An Irish man and a Cuban woman in the 1950’s stirred up just as much controversy and hatred, as my husband and I do today. In my family we lived as if we were colorblind, we were oblivious to any color and treated everyone as equals. This belief in equality shielded me from the racial prejudice that I experienced during my adolescence.  I feel a bit silly now to think of how naive I was to the fact that these issues still burned on today.  As a New Yorker, we generally live in a culturally diverse society (pg. 34).  Race has not been seen as a component of our socialization (pg. 49).  That is our parents do not tend to spend a lot of time discussing the matter. Racism when I grew up was not part of our culture (pg. 30). I assumed, incorrectly, that racism and discrimination were traits limited to the southern states (pg. 176).

My first experience with prejudice happened while shopping in Target. My husband and I often frequented this Target,...

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