Experience with Writing

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Felicia Mitchell
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September 6, 2014

Experiences with Writing

Growing up, reading was introduced to me at an early age because my father liked to read mystery and suspense novels, and would read every night before going to bed. I enjoyed reading but sometimes I did not remember what I read and had to re-read a paragraph. My dad encouraged to read and said the more I read the easier it would be for me to comprehend what I read. Over time though, I was able to comprehend what I read, starting out reading short stories and non-fiction stories. After watching him read such thick books I decided to challenge myself by reading my first big chapter book, Charlotte’s Web. I enjoyed reading this book because the author E. B. White kept me so intrigued in the book with writing style that it made me feel as though I was right there in the story.

I enjoyed reading books that kept me interested in the story but when it came to having to write an essay on a book that I read, that’s where I had problems with writing because I found myself rambling and getting off track. I am still Not able to keep my writing organized where my story would flow be organized. I am still not a good writer as I get off track and not organized with my train of thought. I tend to loose direction after writing a couple of paragraphs.

In school, knowing there would be assigned reading, made me dread going to English class. Reading stories like Charlotte's Web to reading stories by William Shakespeare, was not an easy transition. The old English language he used was confusing and had so many hidden meanings because of the way it was structured that I could never understand what his story was trying to tell his readers. Even though I had trouble with my writing skills I excelled in English to Advanced English as I was on the honor roll up until the 9th grade...
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