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Experience study aboard

By Kyvie-Salvatrice May 25, 2014 494 Words
Experience In Teesside

Studying abroad in the United Kingdom has been the realization of my dream. Even since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of living in a foreign country. I always knew that I wanted to go abroad and study in UK while in university. Study abroad is the time for learning about independent, personal and development and also improves my study skills.

I still can remember the first day I was arrived at Teesside University. There was 19th of September and it is my first time far away from home and experiencing past the 4 seasons. I would be studying Interior Design for my final year and now is past 13 weeks of living in Middleborough. It was a scary yet exciting feeling that I would be studying in a foreign country for 8 month.

The first day in new brand country is always the hardest. The first is I can’t adapt the weather over here because I don’t have the experience to live in cold countries. Everyday need to wear a lot of cloth to keep warm is very fresh for me. After a few months, I getting used to living in here now. Second is the language barrier. I had a hard time to understanding different accents English from different country. However, the English class gives an opportunity to let me communicate with friend form the other countries. This was great as it meant that I could spend time with them and get to know students from different countries of the world that were in the same situation as me.

Apart from this, I learn a lot of about the culture of the country. Moreover, I can meet different people from different country. I can learn about their way of thinking, customs and traditions, and way of life. Learning others culture is also important and interest for me. It makes me more open, and willing to accept different ideas and thoughts. Also it educates me about the world we are living in.

I had made a lot of friends and travel a lot of place around UK such as York, Newcastle, and Edinburg, but let me deepest impression that is London, skyscraper buildings, and glamorous clothes shops filling the high street. I have been the London Eye and I absolutely loved it! It is a great experience with absolutely fantastic views of this busy capital city in UK. In addition to, this is the first time I through the New Year in this beautiful city.

Studying aboard in UK has many advantages for me. I am glad study at here instead to make some lifelong friends, study, live and travel together. It really is an amazing chance to learn about myself and about a different culture. I get a lot of experience living in a foreign country. It helps me to become independence and self-confidence, and give me a better understanding of my own cultural belief, values and biases.  

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