experience of a lifetime

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When I first got into this club called The Rotaract Club of H. R. College, I met all these alumni who reminisced those goold old days and talked about how this one club gave them so much to cherish. I would always find that absurd, or a little weird and exaggerated. Well now, I’ve changed my mind. ‘Home is where the hearth is’, no, I certainly disagree. For me, home is where R.C.H.R is. 6 months down this year, and life without The Rotaract Club of H. R. College seems unimaginable. What has this club not given me? A complete transformation from an introvert into a confident passionate being, friends I will never forget, experiences, lessons, management, street smartness, business ethics, some unforgettable memories, you name it all. They don’t just say that it isn’t just a club, it certainly is a whole world more than that. RCHR is home, RCHR is family, RCHR is friends, RCHR is life in itself. To people outside it seems like a hectic life and they never understand why the sudden obsession with this organization, and they never will. It is only when you delve into this one crazy world of RCHR, that you realize the sheer value of it. While everyone my age was chilling at Marine Drive and sitting in the college canteen, there I was, donning a shirt and learning how to associate with multi-national companies. Be it the late nights in College, the train journeys back home with the people you love, the thrill of shouting and screaming in the GBM, the awesome time you have taking other people’s cases, the trips, the wonderful feeling when you receive an outstanding, every one of these small things make up for transforming you into a new person, and you don’t even realize. RCHR is one club which is so selfless, it gives you love, laughter, happiness, memories, teaches you what you would learn in a business school at the age of 22, and yet, never expects a single thing in return. The memories of the first few projects like Monsoon Trek, the crazy time you have dedicating...
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