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Topics: Writing, Composition studies, Linguistics Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: April 29, 2009
Before signing up for Composition I, I asked to myself why do I have to take this? In fact, I used to find English classes insufferable, but I never imagined that I would adore and write compositions with full of confidence and passion. Now a days, students take in a fear of signing up for a composition class. And the main concern of this is that students are required to cover three main topics which include: reading, writing, and literature. The difficulty of gathering ideas in writing and interpreting the text in the literature makes it hard on students because the instructors expect students to express the author’s ideas and give the right meaning to its context instantly.

The time before taking this English class, I really used to hate English classes but I never felt that one day I will be getting able to speak this language and take this course and complete it with good grades too. These day students are scare of English class a lot. In English students has to cover three main areas of study which is students feel kind of little hard to over with good grade. The Studies include reading, writing and literature.

The difficulty of putting ideas into writing, and the way literature has changed over the years made it harder for students because instructors want it to be more expressional and give the right meaning at the same time without taking it too long.

The first broad subject of English class is reading. This is the most major reason that made me dislike English before because reading in front of people make me feel embarrassed because I know that I have slow pace in reading. In this we didn’t read in front of other students which was really good but the homework were like reading rhetoric took my concentration. In rhetoric I saw a lot of words that I don’t even understand and ever use before. That made me think that I should really put myself in learning vocabularies and try to use them in my class which is a good way to practice and...
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