Experience of an Outsider

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The Experience of an Outsider
It’s a cold early morning in the month of November, waking up and beginning the day going school. I go to the kitchen to get my coffee brewing, then brush my teeth and wash my face to get that fresh feeling to get me going. Almost every morning, it was so hard to get up and drive an hour to Wichita for school while I was living in Hutchinson. There’s just that feeling knowing the day was going to be dreadful and long, but I was ready and couldn’t wait to meet up with the friends after not seeing them over the weekend. I didn’t have any friends beginning my first year at WSU or knew anyone in Wichita, in general, knowing that I’m from another city. It was gradually getting to the point I was meeting new people but was hard at the same time know that I’m very shy. There was always something new each day coming to school, but I never know what to expect.

As I arrive to Wichita, traffic would be so crazy; people honking for no reason and just being really inpatient. The music always kept me entertained and distant from the annoying people driving on the road. When getting to campus and walking to my class, I have my friend’s Vivian and Mai. I met them in my classes and we would always be together; from doing homework, going club meetings and eating. Both of the girls are Vietnamese, so they are short and small compared to my size, but it was all good! They were really outgoing young ladies and love to do anything just for the fun of it. While walking into the Heskett building, I see both of them chilling on the couch waiting for me to go to class together. As we began walking to class, the girls talk to me about the Asian club they are in and invited me to go to a date auction where they were raising money for the Hurricane Sandy victims. The thought in my head was I had to go! There’ll be cute girls, different people, and it’s for a good cause, so I found it as an advantage to make some friends. I felt some excitement in me going...
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