Experience China

Topics: United States, Yao Ming, Chinese language Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Experience China: National Image Campaign
Team 7: Charlie, Eelin, Gina, James, Tim
1. The key elements in a standard marketing promotion process that are represented in the China national image film “People Chapter” that was shown in Times Square are the figure selection, the intended audiences, the concern over media cost and the scary as opposed to friendly image. In the figure selection, with each one appearing for less than a second, it was hard for viewers to recognize these personalities. When interviewed, the American audience responded that they were unacquainted with the people in the film except for the NBA all-star Yao Ming or the world-class pianist Lang Lang. Thus, from a Chinese standpoint, the message of the film might be that those great people are Chinese, yet for many Americans the message was not as clear since most of those names were unknown and not very memorable. And the film was also criticized for being designed to serve as a mark of national pride for domestic Chinese audiences as opposed to being made for international audiences with various tastes and cultural differences. And the concern over media cost of this film were expressed by many Chinese citizens. They thought the cost should be transparent to public. Finally, some American thought that the commercial was more scary than friendly, because of the commercial for being jittery over China’s growing global influence. In conclusion, there are a lot of critics about this China national image campaign in the United States. China’s image building is a long-term, ongoing project. 2. In the design and implementation of the China national image film “People Chapter”, the target identification is not accurate. This film’s target should focus on international audiences with various tastes and cultural differences, rather than making Chinese audiences feel proud of their country. They should have design more partnership between American and Chinese, not only show the success...
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