Experience by Far Is the Best Teacher

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Each of our applicants is unique. Describe how your background, values, academics, activities and/or

leadership skills will enhance the experiences of other SKK GSB students.

As said by Mae West, "Experience is by far the best teacher". Life experiences teaches us everyday; its

something that we never get done and we never stop learning.

I was born and spent most of my childhood in the beautiful island country, Bahrain. I did my schooling

from Bahrain where I met people from diverse communities, cultures, languages, etc which made me more

open-minded and I have learnt to appreciate and embrace aspects not just from my culture but from others as


From childhood, science and math had always intrigued me. My inclination towards science and keenness

towards computing played an instrumental role in choosing my major. I opted for engineering and took the

state engineering entrance test and got placed in a good engineering institution in India. This was a

turning point of my life as college life changed my attitude towards life, made me more self-independent,

enhanced my reasoning, communication skills and instilled leadership qualities in me .

After completing my engineering I got an opportunity to work in Hewlett Packard Pvt. Ltd. which was the

beginning of another learning phase. Operating as a software engineer in one of the leading Fortune 500

corporations has been tremendously exciting which not only enhanced my technical skills but also improved

my interpersonal skills, ability to work in and lead a team. Leading a team along with focus on

productivity within the deadline was an interesting job which is why I decided to build my career in

management because a perfect leader should have a perfect blend of leadership, management and technical


Apart from academic interests, I was an active participant in cultural events like dance and drama and was

also a part of the event...
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