Experience and Education the 60th Anniversary Edition

Topics: John Dewey, Education, Progressive education Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 5, 2011
In this book, Dewey showed his ideas based from his experiences in the progressive school and various criticism he received from his theories. This small volume serves as an inspiration for a better educational experience. This writing inspired the teacher to apply Dewey’s approach in teaching which emphasizes more on experience, experiment, purposeful learning, free flowing discussions and other well known concepts of “progressive education.” It’s also an analysis of both the “traditional” and the “progressive” education elaborating the values and vital role they have in the society and indicating that both education should not be separated since it’s not giving adequate application of principles of carefully developed philosophy of experience. Education and learning should not only introduce the simple reading, writing, and memorizing process but also make it relevant to the student’s lives, make it practical in a sense.

Dewey had a good view on the importance of experience in learning and that education should be based from real life and solving problems instead of memorizing formulas and theories. The book had greatly emphasize the value of not only learning to read and write but also know how to apply what you learn, appreciate it and make it relative to your day to day living. For those people who want to know more about inspiring works of Dewey and to know more about the big role of curriculum in the society, this one is really what I could recommend.

John Dewey, Experience and Education The 60th Anniversary Edition (New York: Kappa Delta Pi, 1998)
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