Topics: Coffee, Learning, Marketing Pages: 2 (1480 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Reflective Learning Journal of My Job as Nespresso Promoter (Part-time) Being a Nespresso Promoter is not easy, especially when you have another part-time job at the same time. But, for sure, the job as a promoter has helped me a lot in so many ways that I did not see it as a challenge, but a footstep to become a more polished person in the workplace. I was employed by an event management company called Event Elite Production and Promotion Limited from March 2014 onwards. From the day I was hired, I was allocated to work for Nespresso, one of its clients, as a part-time promoter. This is how my regular duty goes: I will be informed of the location of my promotional booth a week in advanced. On the day of work, I need to stand in the booth and demonstrate how our coffee machines work and how the capsules work. I also have to answer various questions from my customers. If I successfully sold a coffee machine, commission will be issued later. Part-time promoters do not have a fixed point of sales. We have to switch to another point from time to time and these points usually located in various electronic appliances supply stores like Broadway, Fortress and Chung Yuen or department stores like Aeon, Citysuper and Yata etc. Sometimes, we have to help the company in some promotional events or roadshows as demonstrators for the coffee machines in places like Sogo. Working as a coffee machine promoter might not be as easy as you thought. Since I do not drink coffee, this job is a challenge to me. But, on the bright side, it did cultivate my ability to learn new things. As I said, I do not have any knowledge on coffee. Luckily the company offer basic product training for us. The training is quite intense though. It last for a whole day without breaks. The content included what is coffee and coffee bean, how is coffee being made or brew, types of coffee recipes and our ranges of coffee machines and capsules. I remember when I first visited the head office of the company....
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