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Asia Pacific branding for online hotel reservations Expedia Incorporated

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09 June 2014

Question 1
Expedia being the largest online travel e-commerce operator in world have their sites on Asia Pacific expansion and their vertical integration with Hotel.com and e-Long.com establishes the ambitions in the Asia Pacific region. Expedia foray in Asia Pacific will and have to depend on a proper PESTEL Analysis of Asia Pacific’s Online Tourism opportunities and attractiveness. Utilising our PESTEL Analysis in Exhibit 1, the following deductions can be made of the Asia pacific online tourism market environment.
Exhibit 1






Political Expedience affecting Expedia’s Asia pacific Expansion
I. Political Stability
Stability relates to the chances of drastic changes in government and policies occurring as well as the possibility of violence and terrorism. For an example the civil war in Sri Lanka had a big impact on tourism. Expedia would not be able to list inventories from these areas.

II. Rule of Law

Exhibit 2 Rule of Law in Asia Pacific
(Justice, 2013)
Rule of Law for international business is based upon measures of judicial independence from public and private influence. The protection of property rights, the effectiveness of contract enforcement, and the capacity of the legal system to settle business disputes. Investments in China has to be of great concern to Expedia as the external influences on the judiciary by The Communist Party, Local Government and People Congress has punitive repercussions on international business relations. As we can see from exhibit 2, China

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