Expectations of a Teacher

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Any student would have his/her own expectations of a strong teacher. In my own opinion, a strong teacher is one who respects all students and treats them all equally. She/he must be caring and patient because in many cases, a specific topic needs deep explanation. Any teacher would help the students when they are in need but however, a strong teacher will always ask them if they need help or assistance. Of course, a strong teacher must explain a topic in an interesting way, and deliver it to the students clearly without developing any sort of confusion. It is also very important that a teacher must be strict with students when necessary. My favorite teacher used to be strict, yet very funny with a great sense of humor and was excellent at explaining. She always encouraged me, filled me with hope and also gave me tremendous advices when I needed her help. Although Chemistry was sometimes boring and confusing, she made it one of my favourite courses and I scored great marks. She never preferred one of the students over the other and gave everyone a chance to answer her questions. She considered any student as her son or daughter, as well as a friend and was very loyal. I think that training is the best way to attain a high style of writing. I prefer moving on in any course at a moderate speed rather than going rapidly. One of the reasons why I was excellent in Physics was that I always did the homework that the teacher assigned and thereby, I got used to the techniques that were required to solve the questions perfectly. I barely got stuck in any of the questions on my tests because I always knew the trick behind that specific question. If I get confused in any chapter, I spend my time reading it a couple of times till I figure out what it means. Repetition is required in many cases, because plenty of precise and important words are hidden between the lines and they need to be taken into consideration in order to get an appropriate understanding. I...
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