Expectations Of Women In The 19th Century

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Wife Pages: 3 (569 words) Published: January 10, 2017

The main focus of this project has been on expectations of women in the 19th century and codes they were meant to uphold, This expectation continued for certuries and the world has developed and changed over time, expectations were multiple things such as women meant for being superior to man, women working from homes and dedicating themselves to their families.

Georgianna as a woman in the 19th century did what she was supposed to, they were loyal to their husbands and did as asked even though the birthmark didn’t bother her she never once hesitated to meet the expectations Aylmer had for her, The birthmark was a tiny little mark on her face, him asking for a removal was very dangerous in that day and age, it was one thing for Aylmer to be a brilliant scientist he was also her husband....

As the woman the opinion of your husband is very important to you as Gerogianna says in the story “ Then why did you take me from my mothers side, you cannot love what shocks you” (Hawthorne: The Birthmark Pg 1.) Implying that Georgianna really wanted to please her husband Aylmer. In the 19th century women was the mans backbone Georgianna knew the expirement could kill her but the love she had for her husbamd was what led her to proceed with this...
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