expansion memorandum

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Expansion Memorandum
Mgt 521
January 23, 2014
Expansion Memorandum
To:National Sales Manager
CC:Management Class
Re: Branch Expansion for Passionate Creations Sales Co.

Ms. Doris Blanton,

Thank you for giving me this chance and the opportunity to create the team for our company’s expansion. I would like to introduce to you the five key members of my team that will take this company to the new heights. This memorandum will outline their special leadership skills and why they were chosen to fill the roles. These are highly recommended top notch personnel that performed above average this past ten years for our company. There are five positions that needed to be filled for the expansion planning: one regional manager, two branch managers and two team leaders. I have evaluated these personnel using the Jungian 16-Type Personality Self –Assessment and have established the leadership personalities for each individuals that I mentioned. By utilizing this system, we have had a continuous success within our company the past ten years and I am confident that it will still be effective today.

For the position of Regional Manager, Mr. Larry Kenitzer’s would fit the profile perfectly. Larry is very well organized, trustworthy and practical. He will be excellent in overseeing and managing all the sales outlets and make best use of the attraction and the future transactions of the company’s merchandises in the area. Larry’s democratic style of leadership bodes well for this position. By involving all the employees in decision making through feedback, he allows the company to have the flexibility to adjust to whatever storm it may face.

will be one of the Branch Managers for this expansion. Jose’s personality suits well as a branch manager. He is people oriented, creative and highly optimistic. Part of his job is to manage all the employees in his branch, he is also in charge of the recruiting aspect of the company, making sure that only qualified and motivated personnel are being brought in, to ensure the company’s success. His leadership style flows more as path-goal leadership. Our text states “that the leader’s job is to assist followers in attaining their goals and to provide direction or support needed to ensure that their goals are compatible with the goals of the group or organization”.(S.Robbins, pg.467) Jose is great in encouraging teamwork and focuses more in developing and supporting his employees. This can be a dynamic skill that can be very important in bringing his team together as one. He will be an instrumental part in the success of this branch.

The second Branch Manager that will fill in the role would be. Melinda is one of our top supervisors that have been with the company for 6 years. Melinda’s personality profile shows that she enjoys problem solving and highly conceptual. Her trait bodes well specially with our highly competitive business. Part of her role would actually be ensuring that staff members adheres to established policies, measures and guidelines, provide motivation, coaching, recognition and to provide employee development on the daily basis. Melinda’s role would also include a weekly sales meetings and daily meetings with her staff to ensure that the flow of business is fluid. Her leadership style fits more of a transactional type of leader. She “guides or motivates followers to work toward established goals by exchanging rewards for their productivity” (Robbins, pg.470) It’s an effective leadership skill to have especially in sales where productivity and closing deals are the objectives.

The first of my two team leaders would be Amanda’s profile shows that she’s outgoing, live for the moment, unconventional and spontaneous. This bodes well in the position of a team leader. Amanda’s outgoing personality can be infectious to the whole team, this will allow her to properly communicate and earn the trust and credibility of her employees...

References: Management, Eleventh Edition, by Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter. Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc
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