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Topics: Learning, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Transformative Learning
Transformational learning, like most learning theories, has stages. The stages of transformational learning are as follows. Recognizing a problem, confronting it, finding a solution, and gaining perspective. This learning process causes one to reflect on the past to find a stronger solution. Transformational learning is meant to challenge you and cause you to look at a problem differently.

A transformational challenge I went through was becoming a self-sufficient mother. The problem I faced was being a young mother in need of being independent. I had made some mistakes prior to this challenge that only hindered my success. I had dropped out of high school and I left good paying job when I first became pregnant, thinking I would live with my mother forever. I soon faced the problem that I not only needed to become independent but I wanted to. I learned to start thinking like a parent, not a child. My perspective needed to change. My mother wasn't going to raise my child, her job had already been completed. I discovered the first part of my solution was my education and deciding on a career. The second thing I needed to figure out was how was I going to provide for my son and I. I started working towards my solutions by finishing high school, getting a job, and finding a place for us to live. Although now years later I am married and have another child. I am still working at become more and more self-sufficient by getting my degree.

Two of Mezirow's seven phases that apply to my experiences are self-examination and exploring a process. During my transformational change I had to re-examine myself. I had to see myself as my son's mother, not my mother's daughter. I am still in the exploring a process phase. I am continuing to become self-sufficient by obtain my degree to be able to hold a better job position and eventually own a child care center.
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