Exotic Hobbies

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Exotic Hobbies around the World
The dictionary definition of hobbies is an activity or interest pursued for delectation or felicity and not as a main vocation. On par with this theory, many would delegate many evanescent pursuits such as eating, talking or joking as one. On contrary to normal beliefs, people earn money doing their hobbies, which in other words means that somebody managed to turn a hobby into a job. Did you know that there are so many millionaires in this world, who would never have achieved what they did, if there field of success was not their hobby! Let's take an example of an application that was created as a hobby, and is now a part of everyone's life - Facebook. Do I need to tell you the rewards Mark Zuckerberg has received because of his hobby? Hobbies depend on several factors: lifestyle, their native home, preference, family background and many more. Based on these factors, there is something really unusual about hobbies and interests. They alternate from person to person distinguishing one personality from the other. They also bring variant people together, taking the mind off the monotony that sets in with the daily routine. The best thing that can happen to you is to be able to live your hobby every day, making a living out of doing what gives you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Exotic hobbies can, thus, be divided into several categories: hobbies relating to Nature, hobbies relating to Sports and Adventure, hobbies relating to Technology, Life-style related hobbies, Creative hobbies and many more. Applying an example from each of these categories, an exotic hobby list can be formed. Taphophilia. 'Taphophile' is the name given to someone who takes an interest in cemeteries, tombstones, or memory of past lives. As translated from Greek, ‘Taphophilia’ is a morbid interest in ’dead things’. Many people would, erroneously, confuse ‘Taphophilia’ would confuse it with Necrophilia, which means to have a sexual or physical attraction for the dead. Anticipating an awkward look once mentioned this word, many would argue how this mutual interest would be a hobby. Well, Taphophilies indulge their love in many ways, such studying epitaphs, exploring cemeteries, grave rubbing and many more. However, the most prevalent of these hobbies would be grave rubbing. In fog-ridden, gloomy places such as Forks, Arizona or Phoenix, thousands of people would be seen going up to graves of famous people and studying it. Experienced taphophiles would know the signs to characterize graves and categorize them as ‘Rich-person’,’ ‘middle-classed individual’, ‘low-income person’, ‘knighted’, ‘Lord/Lady’, ‘Earl/Baron/Marquis/Marquessrion’ or even ‘King/Queen’. Such classification would be considered as discrimination. Nevertheless, it is considered as beguilement, a diversion from the stressful world. They would merrily take photographs or buy souvenirs and pass much of their time away. However, there are some who take the literal meaning of grave rubbing, that is actually poach something from the graves of such famous people. These ‘poachers’ should strive keep to collecting items that are purchased legitimately. This looks innocuous until the wildfire spreads and many people start collecting ‘items’ on their own, causing the cascade of hoarding and grave theft. Plenty of our national heritage have been abolished due to such ‘harmless’ collection. Such people need to comprehend that there are other means to collecting such memoirs (purchasing cheap look-alikes from local convenient stores). More so, people also have to take note that purchasing these stolen mortuary items is illegal and that these item comes from the preserved cemeteries in the real world and obliterating the artistry for a specific locale. Other than this detriment, grave rubbing one of the well-visited graves is the Highgate Cemetery, located near London boasts a vast number of famous graves such as Karl Marx, now known as the ‘Highgate Vampire’. This...
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