Exit Interview Paper

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Running Head: Exit interview Paper Exit Paper, 1

Tuskegee University

July 28, 2009

Michael Ligon

SOWK 364

Exit Interview Paper

Ms. Macarthur

Exit Paper, 2

Summary Description of Activities

Over the course of this summer semester I have been exposed to many new learning experiences and opportunities. I am most thankful for the supervisor that I had at my agency, and the group of students that I have worked with this summer. This summary will be a rap out/ outline of some of the things that I have participated in this summer. I attended my agency four days out of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and on Fridays. On Wednesdays I participated in group projects where I could be anywhere from the Tuskegee University’s farm, Farmer’s market, food market, Auburn University’s Farm, or local YMCA.

For my junior practicum I was placed at Salem Nursing and Rehab Center of Tuskegee. I was under the strict supervision of Mrs. Eunice Torbert. I was prompted from the first day on out how to be a better student and for future references, a great social worker. I went over the policies for long term care facilities on the fist day that I spent at my agency, but before I was able to interact with any of the residents, I had to follow policy, which was to pass drug test, TB skin test, and a background test.

My supervisor gave me the opportunity to learn the ways of a good social worker, and the importance of being a professional at all times. I did not shadow my supervisor, as nurses do in their field, I actually did work and tasks that were assigned to me. These tasks were very strenuous, some more than others, but I was able to get through them successfully. I was giving the opportunity to work with the residents hand and hand. Working with the residents was the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience in the long term facility....
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