Existing Free Zone in Croatia

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Strategic Plan for the Long Term Development of Existing Free Zones in Croatia


Export Oriented Foreign Direct Investment into Croatia and its Major Competitors

Paddy Gallagher
Ljiljana Bozic

Zagreb, July 24, 2006


Section 11
Terms of Reference and Study Methodology1
1.1 Objectives of Project1
1.2 Scope of Services under Project1
1.3 Study Methodology2
Section 23
Executive Summary3
Section 35
FDI Inflows into Croatia and its Competitor Locations5
3.1 Croatia6
3.1.1Export Oriented Knowledge-led Services9
3.1.2 Foreign Direct Investment9
3.2 Bulgaria11
3.3 Romania13
3.4 Slovenia15
3.5 Serbia16
3.5.1 FDI Oriented Exporters16
3.6 Albania17
3.7 Bosnia and Herzegovina18
3.8 Macedonia19
Section 420
Export Performance 2000 to 2005-Croatia and its Major Competitors20 Section 522
Factors Influencing the Attraction of FDI22
5.1 Overall Infrastructure Quality23
5.2 Quality of Educational System24
5.3 Brain Drain25
5.4 Impact of Rules on FDI26
5.5 FDI and Technology Transfer27
5.6 Labour Costs and Manufacturing Costs28
5.7 Costs imposed on Business by Corruption and Organised Crime30 5.8 Judicial Independence31
5.9 Efficiency of Legal Framework32
5.10. Export Marketing33
5.11 Breadth of International Markets34
5.12 Foreign Ownership Restrictions35
Section 636
Barriers to Investment in Croatia and its Free Zones36
6.1 Barriers to Investment in Croatia37
6.1.1 Education, Skills and Training37
6.1.2 Government and Legislation38
6.1.3 Financial Environment38
6.1.4 FDI Policy39
6.1.5 Infrastructure/General39
6.2 Reactions to US State Department comments on Barriers to Investment in Croatia40 6.3.1 Public and Private Institutions41
6.3.2 Market Inefficiencies42
6.3.3 Technological Readiness42
6.4 Priority areas for Reform42
6.4.1 Institutional Environment42
6.4.2 Market Efficiency43
Section 744
SWOT Analyses of Croatia44
Appendix 150
Questionnaire - Foreign Direct Investment into Free Zones in Croatia50 Section 1

Terms of Reference and Study Methodology

1.1 Objectives of Project

Document and analyse the flow of export oriented foreign direct investment (FDI) into Croatia and its major competitors in the region (South East and Central Europe) over the last decade, paying particular attention to the reasons why some countries have been more successful than others in attracting such investment and the scale of FDI in high performance free zones.

1.2 Scope of Services under Project

The mission will be conducted in Croatia and the scope of services to be provided by the TAC’s is detailed below.

• Review the information gathered and conclusions developed under other project activities – particularly Activities 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. • Review relevant publications to identify critical factors, which motivate investors in the region. • Identify the factors that influence export oriented FDI – both Greenfield and Brownfield – in the region. • Examine the scale of FDI in free zones in the region and in high performance free zones worldwide. • Meet with organisations in Croatia directly or indirectly involved in promoting FDI into Croatia. • Document and analyse the flow of export oriented FDI into Croatia and its major regional competitors. • Examine the scale of export oriented FDI in the Free Zones in Croatia • Compare the overall flow of export oriented FDI into Croatia with flows into countries in the region. • Compare the FDI flows into Croatia’s Free Zones with the flows into other zones in the region. • Identify the positive and negative features of Croatia’s Free Zones from a FDI perspective. • Examine the arrangements for promoting and...
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