Existentialism and Choices

Topics: Existentialism, Philosophy of life, Jean-Paul Sartre Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Existentialists are commonly seen as being distressed with human degradation. Something seen as ugly and negative or as related to naturalists. However existentialists are more than that. In fact, existentialism is the works of a musician or a poet. The clear definition of existentialism is not what is commonly seen as negativity or as naturalists. Sartre tells us ‘it can be defined easily.’ Existentialism aims at emphasizing ‘the individual character they are philosophizing.’ There are two different types of existentialists that are confused with each other. The first of the two types is the existentialists who are Christian and the second is the atheistic existentialists. Atheistic existentialists make more sense because they are not Christians, nature, or God centered. Existentialism prefers hominocentric that is centered on humans not God. As the lecturer said, they are tired of people talking about metaphysics. Yet both share one similar thing in common, they both think that existence precedes essence. Essence is a particular object, it is all around us. Yet as humans, our existence precedes essence because we are not objects in the world. The way we identify ourselves is different from the way other things are identified. The way we identify ourselves from objects and animals differently is the choices we make that defines us. Freedom is what enables us to make choices and is also what sets humans apart from ordinary things and animals. Humans are always constantly becoming who they are for their self definition is never complete. Sartre believes that ‘a man is nothing but what he makes himself.’ That is the first principle of existentialism. The man must be aware of the state of being indefinable as the first step because he is nothing at first. “‘I think, therefore I exist’ is the absolute truth of consciousness becoming aware of itself.” Only then will that man become something, his actions sets his life. His choices are making himself a part of who he...
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