Existence of a Transcendent Dimension

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Dreamtime Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The belief in the idea that a perfect reality lies beyond our imperfect world still strongly exists in today’s society & in every world religion. •Throughout history man has asked the questions of why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the meaning of this life? Religion has helped answer these questions, resolve this issue of confusion & has given humanity a belief since the beginning of time that there is a perfect reality that les beyond this imperfect world. •Dating back to thousands of years ago when Indigenous Aboriginal Australians were the only human existence on the continent Australia the Aboriginal people believed in a perfect reality that lies beyond our imperfect world. •Every world religion has characteristics that contribute to it. The Characteristics of Religion are Supernatural Forces & Transcendent Dimensions, mans ultimate concern, sacred objects, sacred texts, intimacy, ethics & rituals. •Ethics a very important characteristic of religion, their purpose is to clarify what is right and what is wrong. Significant ethical teachings in Aboriginal Spirituality are belief in the cultural landscape and life being a web of inter-relationships where man and nature are partners and where the past is always connected to the present. •The Aboriginal people believe that the creation of all land has a story behind it. Dreaming is the beginning of all things. It is the unseen spirit world or transcendent dimension & affects all life. •Sacred Texts are a foremost characteristic in all religions. Sacred Texts are oral or written accounts that tell stories & beliefs of the religion. For Aboriginal Spirituality the sacred texts are the Dreamtime Stories & Aboriginal Artwork. Dreamtime can be described as the period before living memory when Spirits emerged from beneath the earth and from the sky to create the land forms and all living things. Aboriginal artwork the other sacred text of aboriginal spirituality expresses the stories and events of...
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