Existence of Child Marriage in Yemen

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Existent of Child Marriage in Yemen
It is a fact of every person that has to go through the process of birth, ages, sickness, and finally death. Marriage is a matter of choice for most people’s lives. However, for some girls who are forced into a marriage at an early age have no options. Child marriage has been occurring for a long time in various places because of economic burden, ancient tradition, few educational opportunities, and family honor whereby children, usually the female, are given in matrimony with older men before puberty. Early marriage is viewed as a context of coercion that involves oppression. It makes child leave education and opportunities for self realization. Tradition and poverty continue to drive child marriage that is strongly associated with poor health and the lack of education as well. Child marriage is widespread in Yemen and child marriage is the depressing truth for many girls. Yemen is a country on Arabian Peninsula that has more than 23 million people and most people live in rural areas. Sunni Muslims are the majority of Yemenis’ religion and some of them are Christians and Jews. More than half of Yemen’s children marry as early and religions and status are the important roles to drive child marriage growth. In Yemen, the number of young marriage is pretty high. According to the United Nations data and government from Yemen, 14 percent of girls in Yemen marry before 15 years old and 52 percent of young women marry before 18 (Child marriage spurs, 2011). If the amount of child marriage continues at its rate or increases, the new child brides will also totally get suffer. Sadly, women in Yemen are second-class citizens and government in Yemen has no strict rules about young marriage which allow minimally 8 years old children to marry. Child marriage is a controversial type that received a huge criticism and lives in this world where modern and traditional beliefs dispute. There are three obvious reasons that a child marriage should not be supported and illegalized in terms of violation of their human rights, health problems, and the lack of ability. Early marriage represents many disadvantages and a violation of human rights is one of the most importantly negative effects. Child marriage separates children from their freedom. Early marriage involves with the low level of schooling which violates the human right in term of education. Most child brides lose out a chance for studying or are not enrolled school because they have to undertake a domestic duty or marriage. For example, Afarh was married for five months and had to leave school for getting marriage. She wanted to study like other people and also had a dream to be a lawyer but her dream was ruined because she is going to have a baby and no one supported her to educate, according to Human Rights Watch (How come you, 2 011). The majority of child brides come from poor communities so they have less chance for schooling. Therefore, it is a big barrier for children and their own country for developing. Teenage should be the age that children spend time with their friends and have fun as adolescent is supposed to be but they have to struggle with forced marriage. If child brides have an opportunity to study or being educated girls, they creates many positive results for themselves, economic development, poverty recession, decreasing of reproductive problems. Education not only provides many advantages but also gets rid off the use of children as transaction. If children are uneducated, perpetuating cycles of low skills of literacy and limited livelihood opportunities will provide and lead to reduction in employment which is the main key of poverty. Because of poverty, money is the main factor of living so there are many forced marriages to get a bride price. A girl may be the only commodity of family for trading, using as a currency, or settling debts. Using children as a transaction is not the best to figure out financial problems...

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