Topics: United States, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Daniel Leon

History Project

This year in history we learned about the United States history. We learned about the American Revolution to the civil war which was from 1774-1914.

First we learned about the American Revolution which was how and why England set up colonies in America. The English colonies was being taxed without representation so they said ‘we want to be our own state cause we are being taxed and we cant vote. But England sent troops to confiscate their weapons, and other supplies. But they fought and very surprisingly they won but with Frances help.

The constitution what we learned in their was something that dealt with the constitution that was real good. The constitutional convection was met to improve the government of the United States. There was something wrong with the issue of representation which led to the great compromise. A big debate was had over slavery which led to the three fifth compromise.

The Westward Expansion I personally liked it because it dealt with Mexican’s and Americans. The American starter to grow larger but there was a place they could not go so they sent troops to go to the border and have a little camp out over there but not surprisingly the were killed by the Mexican troops. American army go’s to war with Mexico gets some of the Mexican land and Mexico get’s a treaty with America.

The civil was pretty hard to learn but I was able to do it. There was an addition of new land in the west renewed there disputes over the expansion of slavery. The compromise of 1850 tried to solve the disputes of slavery. But the fugitive slave act just caused more controversy. The abolitionist used anti-slavery literature to promote the opposition.

One thing I thought was really interesting was the civil war. I learned that there was renewed disputes over the problem with slaves. They used anti-slavery to work against what they were doing which was expanding slaves all around the states. But I still have...
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