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Topics: Control system, Control engineering, Feedback Pages: 5 (1053 words) Published: October 18, 2014
So firstly introduce what are the issues/challenges etc. under investigation – Exetel's management of Sri Lanka and its implementation and use ofthe GURUS system Use of Control Mechanisms in Multinational Organizational Structures, WHO HERE (JUST RAISE YOUR HAND) HAS HAD A NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE WITH PHONE SUPPORT FROM TECH SUPPORT? WHO HAS HAD A POSITIVE ONE? (ask for one name from each different question, come back to them shortly) SLIDE 4

4 sections – tech support, inbound sales, software development, billing and admin BEFORE GURUS – Too many reports with inconsistent format, too many words without quantifiable numbers, Australian General Manager had homesickness GURUS: measured every single staff performance in Sri Lanka in real time – unwelcome to employees. Displayed public results. '0' meeting all of job goals, '1' not meeting all of job goals. Why GURUS was decommissioned..... a) Customer satisfaction continued to decline while the screen shows ‘0’ b) Measuring ‘quantity, not ‘quality c) ‘Public execution’ for under performing staff d) Easily deceived by ‘data manipulation’

Control system: helps link the organization vertically, up and down the organizational hierarchy • Basic functions of control system - Measure or monitor the performances of subunits - Provide feedback to subunit managers regarding the effectiveness of their units Design Options for Control Systems • Four types of control systems - Output control system Bureaucratic control system - Decision-making control - Cultural control system Output Control Systems • Assesses the performance of a unit based on results, not on the processes used to achieve these results - Profit centre: unit controlled by its profit or loss performance

-Bureaucratic control system • Focuses on managing behaviors within the organization - Budgets: financial targets for expenditures - Statistical reports: information to top management about nonfinancial outcomes - Standard operating procedures (SOPs): rules and regulations of appropriate behavior

Decision-making control: level in the organizational hierarchy where managers have the authority to make decisions

Cultural control system: uses organizational culture to control behaviors and attitudes of employees
Concepts, ideas, and theories critically reviewing the issues/challenges. HERE GO BACK TO THE PEOPLE YOU ASKED. Asked why the experience was bad, why the experience was good.

Role-based and product based controls and models could also be constructed in the workplace environment, studies by Chen et al 2007 and discussing their effectiveness an accessible control model with a healthy system architecture and also approaches for resource sharing between departments (Dooms 2005, Fatehi 2008 Chapter 9). This also helps to create a corporate culture that tends to produce employees that want to work and perform well not just for themselves but for the company. It has the effect of humanising the workforce (Chituc et al 2009, Chen 2008).

Developing team-based work functions has also shown to be quite in increasing the quality of work produced. Customer focus, task orientation and development of relationships are key (Lu et al 2009, Jayaraman et al 2005, Moran and Farrell 2005, Jang et al 2009, Oh & Park 2003). BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE – Tight budgeting seems to important in infancy stage of business, but should be loosened for the sake of positive corporate culture in later growth stages (Wakefield et al 2009) SLIDE 9

Employees need to feel empowered and feel as though they have access to management decisions and staff structure within the business – leads to sense of self-worth, value and importance. This in turn increases respect for the workplace and the output of work being produced (Vela et al 2007, Li 2007, Wainer et al 2007). Regular workflow and quick, impromptu meetings also contribute to this positive workplace environment, building mutual trust between management and...
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