Exercises on Mixed Tenses

Topics: Interstate Highway System, Infrastructure, Primary school Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: April 16, 2014

Exercise 2

Motorcycle Accidents

A spokesman for the Public Works Department says motorcycle lanes 1. _________ (be) no longer needed on the highway as the accident rate involving motorcycles 2. ______________ (be) negligible compared to trunk roads.

The percentage of motorcycle accidents along the expressway 3. _________ (be) less than 0.01%, most of which are caused by reckless riding and speeding.

According to international design requirements, a separate lane 4. __________ (be) necessary when the motorcycle traffic volume 5. __________ (reach) 15% or more. The department 6. _______ (spend) RM 400 million to build motorcycle lanes along federal and state roads instead.

A few years ago, after a spate of accidents, the Works Minister 7. ___________ (suggest) that emergency lanes on highway be converted into motorcycle lanes, but the company managing the highway 8. ____________ ( reject) the proposal because they 9. __________ (say) that the project 10. _________ (be) not feasible.

Exercise 3


Little Geniuses

September 9: Five-year-old Krishna and four-year-old Rama are two bright brothers. They 1.________ (be) too young to join school but they 2. _____________ (know) by heart all the textbooks of the primary school. The little geniuses, however , 3. ________ (be) not Indian!

The two boys, sons of Ariy Radogar, were allowed to take the test for primary school admissions after their father 5. ___________ (insist) that they could clear them. At first, the headmaster of the school 6. ________ (refuse) to admit the children. In Russia, as in the rest of the world, the age of the child for entry in primary school 7. _____________ ( be) six.

After the tests, however, the headmaster 8.________ (take) the decision to admit Krishna in class one. His knowledge of Russian grammar, mathematics and other subjects 9.________ (amaze) everyone in the school. Within one year, Krishna was promoted to class...
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