Exercise Science

Topics: Nutrition, Public health, Health Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 18, 2005
I chose to interview Diane Bischoff, a health education consultant for the Peoria Health Department. Diane has been working for the health department for 10 years and loves what she does. Diane graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in community health and a minor in nutrition. With that she started working for a small health club in Bloomington, IL. Her job specifications included providing advice for the members in areas of healthy eating, disease prevention and stress management. She stayed with that company for only a few years. Diane then applied at the health department and gladly accepted the job. Her days consist of occasionally visiting professional offices, malls or schools and setting up display tables on different topics pertaining to health. She also teaches a beginning health class at Illinois Central College and also a first aid class. Diane is that person that every restaurant manager dreads. She is the one who comes in and scores the restaurant based on cleanliness and making sure they are following all sanitation laws. She enjoys this aspect of her job because she knows which restaurants are safe to eat at. Diane said that she wishes that she had her masters and is considering going back to school but says it will probably be a long process because she is so busy constantly picking up side jobs with the company. I asked her if she wanted to explore anymore avenues with her career and she said she wouldn't mind working with a school district to help fight the rise in obesity in children. She enjoys researching the topic and hopes one day she can help make a difference because it is a very sad issue. I enjoyed interviewing Diane because I am very interested in health education combined with physical education. She was very interested in my knowledge of physical education and its relation to overall health and healthy living. The part of her job that I would most enjoy doing would be visiting different businesses and having...
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