Exercise Effects on the Body

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The Effects of Exercise on the Body
In society exercise is most commonly associated with weight loss; however exercise has many other implications not limited to the physical body, but a person's mind and lifestyle as well. Beginning an exercise regimen is often referred to as a lifestyle change, and that is exactly what exercise can do, change a person's life. The general assumption that an individual can lose weight through physical activity is true, however exercise can also have a positive impact on cancer patients, victims of disease, even improve depression levels and moods. With the confidence and happiness a person gains from exercising, they often gain better body image, develop better eating habits and show signs of improving the family unit. They develop greater self respect, which then corresponds to other aspects of their life. Due to the alterations physical activity can develop, it is no surprise that the quality of life, for individuals who are physically active, is extremely enhanced.

The potential effects of exercising on weight loss may be the most over stimulated notion in society; however that does not make it any less true. The healthiest way a person can lose weight is not through pills and diets, but exercising the body and eating properly. Based on the article, "Evaluating 10 Ingredients in Weight- Loss Pills: No Clear Winners", they conducted a study on the top ten ingredients included in dietary supplement pills such as: chitosan, chromium, citrus aurantium, conjugated linoleic acid, garcinia cambogia, guarana caffeine, hydroxymethylbutyrate, plantago psyllium, pyruvate, yerba mate. Each of these ingredients provided sufficient ways to cause weight loss, but all came with consequences. The healthiest of choices were chromium picolinate and conjugated linoleic acid, but the article concluded, "None of these supplements even come close to competing with the safety and effectiveness of diet and physical activity for losing weight." (Aubertin 2) Even after discovering the beneficial factors of certain ingredients, researchers still believe the simplest way of losing weight, diet and exercise, is the best choice. Alongside researchers, even magazine publishers are noticing the necessity for realistic weight loss plans. "Popular magazines are moving away from touting crash diets, telling readers how to improve poor eating habits and make warranted life style changes…While 42% of Americans today rely on television for nutrition information, a solid 39% still get most of their nutrition news from magazines." (Berg 53) Publishers are moving away from crash diets and unhelpful dietary plans because naturally changing a person's eating habits and levels of activity are the best way to become healthy. People need to focus on their health, rather than simply losing weight. By sacrificing food, time and energy to weight loss plans, it becomes nearly impossible to sustain that commitment in other aspects of a person's life, creating an unstable life style, which then would cause them to revert to their original ways. According to M.D. Joel Fuhrmans' book, Eat to Live, "After spending so much money attempting to lose weight, 95 percent of them gain all the weight back and then add even more pounds within three years." (Fuhrman 17) Considering so many diets and pills lead to failure; a natural approach to better health via physical activity is the key to remaining healthy.

Along with weight loss, exercise has been found to improve the life of current cancer patients and survivors. Cancer can take over ones' life and cause depression, unhealthy weight loss or gain, and loss of motivation or hope. Most patients become so ill from radiation and chemotherapy, they would assume exercising would only cause more pain; when actually, exercise has quite the opposite effect. As opposed to weakening a cancer patient and dragging them deeper into a depressed and hopeless state, exercise can improve their...

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