Exercise and Traditional Skills

Topics: Exercise, Weight loss, Obesity Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: December 8, 2008
Topic: Most schools offer some types of physical education program to their students. Why is physical education important? Should physical education classes be required or optional? Essay: Physical education is important to a child’s growth and it should be a required subject in schools because children need to learn how to keep their bodies healthy. It is also important to keep a balance between study and physical exercises. To begin with doing physical exercises is extremely helpful to children’s health. It plays a vital role in maintaining physical health and preventing countless diseases such as heart attack obesity and diabetes. Many children are easily infected by contagious diseases such as cold. Regular physical exercises may be the best way to prevent this. Some people believe that children can do physical exercise at home that is very convenient. However, they are busy at home with their homework and tend to spend limited free time on more attractive activities such as TV programs and computer games. Consequently, physical exercises in school are necessary so that children make the habit of doing exercises, to keep their bodies fit, and healthy. Another reason is that it keeps a balance between study and physical healthy. Many children are under pressure from hard-work so they become tired and sick easily. Doing physical exercises can reduce their stress from study. It helps children not only study more effectively and efficiently, but also helps to keep their bodies healthy. In fact, the regular physical activities also make children smarter and naturally lead to higher grades. If physical education is a required subject in school, children will both study well and improve their health. From my viewpoint, physical education should be required in school, not only because it can improve the health of children but they can also learn more effectively.  

Nowadays, every country will become more and more develops its technology and...
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