Exercise 2 Skeletal Muscle

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Microscopic Anatomy and Organization of Skeletal Muscle and Muscle


Lab 9

Skeleton Muscle Physiology: Computer Simulation

Exercise 16B - Page PEx-23

Activity Sheet


• Use a simulation of skeletal muscle experiments to investigate threshold

stimulus, maximal stimulus, multiple motor unit summation, wave

summation and tetanus and the graded contraction.

• Develop and test hypotheses related to muscle contraction.

• Practice graphing data from an experiment.

• Practice interpreting a graph and drawing conclusions from data.

Directions - Getting Started

• This exercise uses the PhysioEx disc in the back of your lab manual or available

online through Mastering A&P.

• Obtain a laptop computer, power cord, mouse and mouse pad from the cabinet

and assemble it as directed by the instructor.

• Open the computer and turn it on. Wait until the Windows screen opens.

Follow the screen directions to start the computer.

• Turn to the exercise Skeletal Muscle Physiology: Computer Simulation in

your lab manual - PagePEx-23. Note: Exercise 16B is in the back of the lab

manual or ask for a handout from the front desk.

These directions are taken from the lab manual and slightly modified for our


• Open PhysioEx and Choose Exercise 2:Skeletal Muscle Physiology from the

menu at the top of the screen. Then choose Single Stimulus. The screen should

look like Figure 16B.1 in the Lab Manual. Take a minute to identify the

oscilloscope display, muscle sample in holder, stimulator, voltage control, data

recording area, time display, and force display. The muscle length should

always remain at 75 mm.

• Any time you are instructed to Print, make a copy for each person in

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