exercise 11

Topics: Arithmetic mean, Standard deviation, Statistics Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: May 23, 2015
Exercise 11
1. What demographic variables were measured at least at the interval level of measurement? Age, income, length of labor, and number of hours worked per week. 2. What statistics were used to describe the length of labor in this study? Were these appropriate? Descriptive statistics. Length of labor was described in hours. Frequency(30) and mean(14.63) describe the data 3. What other statistics could have been used to describe the length of labor? Provide a rationale. Another measurement that could have been used is range to measure the length of labor from lowest to highest value. Range could measure the length of labor and what it produces to see difference in the data. 4. Were the distributions of scores similar for the experimental and control groups for the length of labor? Provide a rationale. They are similar, however the experimental group has slightly higher dispersion (n=30 and SD= 7.78) than control group (N=33 and SD=7.2). 5. Were the experimental and control groups similar in their type of feeding? Provide a rationale. Yes, the percentages are similar for both the experimental and control groups. Breast feeding percentages are 40.6% and 41.7% respectively, bottle feeding is the mode for the groups with percentages of 53.1% and 50%, and both bottle and breast percentages are 6.3% and 5.6%. 6. What was the marital status mode for the subjects in the experimental and control groups? Provide both the frequency and percentage for the marital status for both groups. Both groups’ marital status modes are married, with 25 out of 32 or 78.1% for the experimental group, and 31 out of 35 or 86.1% in the control group. 7. Could the median be determined for the education data? If so, what would the median be for education for the experimental and control groups? Provide rationale. No. Education is measured qualitatively and would need to be measured quantitatively, for example years of education(10,11,12….) for a median to be derived. 8. Can...
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