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Unit 4 – Religion

Exemplar Work

Answer the question in Part One and one question from Part Two

Part One

Item A
Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities in Britain have one thing in common: they are markedly more religious than the host society. Ethnic-minority religious centres perform important social roles in addition to their primary religious purpose. They are a first point of contact for the new immigrant, provide a wealth of friends and potential spouses, are an educational centre and a source of social welfare provision.

However, traditional patterns of behaviour which are stressed in the home are not reinforced by the surrounding culture.

(Adapted from S Bruce, Religion in Modern Britain, OUP 1995)

1(a)Identify and briefly explain two ways in which religion may act as a conservative force in society. (8 marks)

1(b)Using material from Item A and elsewhere, briefly examine the view that the greater religiosity of some ethnic minority groups in Britain might bring them into conflict with the host society. (12 marks)

Part Two
Answer one question from this section

2.‘In modern society, religious beliefs and religious behaviour are changing rather than declining’. Assess the arguments and evidence for and against this view. (40 marks)

3. Assess the contribution of sociological studies of sects and other new religious movements to an understanding of the role of religion in modern industrial societies. (40 marks)

Religion – Part One Mark Scheme

1(a)Two marks for each way correctly identified, such as:
By reflecting ruling class ideology
By teaching conformity
By having powerful religious leaders who can enforce adherence to traditional religious rules and practices

A further two marks for each suitable explanation, such as:
It is in the interests of the ruling class to maintain the status quo, as this gives them their privileged position in society If people believe that what happens to them is God’s will, and possibly a test of their faith, they will accept this and not try to change or improve their circumstances

0No relevant points

1.4 Answers in this band will have only a limited success in identifying, interpreting, analysing and evaluating material to meet the requirements of the question. There will be little evidence of relevant knowledge or understanding

Lower in the band, one or two points may be made regarding ethnic minority religions, and there may be a tendency to recycle material from the Item without identifying any issues of potential conflict.

Higher in the band, one or two issues of potential conflict may be identified though not explained or developed. Evaluation will be limited or non-existent.

5.8 Answers in this band will have reasonable success in identifying, interpreting, analysing and evaluating material to meet the requirements of the question. There will be evidence of some relevant knowledge and understanding.

Lower in the band this may be confined to a competent if basic account, for example identifying and discussing issues of potential conflict over differing customs and practices. Answers will show a reasonable underlying knowledge and understanding and some limited explicit evaluation may be offered.

Higher in the band answers will be more developed, with a greater and more explicit use of the skills. Knowledge and understanding will be broader and/or deeper and will begin to address a wider range of material. There will be evidence of some evaluation of the view expressed in the question.

9.12 Answers in this band will show a good sociological knowledge, understanding of a range of material and a sound analysis of relevant material on religious belief and practice and the implications arising from it. Evaluation will be explicit and well developed.

Lower in the band this may be a more extensive list than that expected for the 5-8 mark band or the level of analysis will be more detailed. Answers...
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