Topics: Racism, American football, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 6 (2100 words) Published: December 3, 2014
The scenario selected for this essay explains how an Afro-Caribbean pupil has very high sporting ability within his PE lessons, specifically football, but is under achieving and not exerting much effort. Unfortunately, he has also been subject to racial stereotyping from both peers and teachers. The pupil’s father is an ex-professional football player and is keen for his son to follow in his footsteps. However, he is unaware of and doesn’t understand the aims of physical education (PE). As the teacher, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the pupil’s poor attitude and lack of progress. The father has also expressed concerns to the head of department (HOD), who he knows well, that his son doesn’t seem to be improving, or enjoying his football lessons. In attempt to address this, the father has been invited to meet with me to discuss how we may attempt to resolve these problems. The structure of this essay includes a critical appraisal of the issues and a justification of the most appropriate course of action in order to resolve the issues. The following section covers the content of the meeting between my self, the PE teacher, and the pupil’s father. As I see it, the key issues identified fall into three areas; firstly, how the school can address the racism your child has been receiving from the pupils within his class and the racial stereotyping from his teachers, secondly, how I and the rest of the PE department can motivate your son to engage and reach his full potential, and thirdly, to explain to you the aims of PE and how these are different to aims of performance sport. In addressing the three main issues, appropriate theoretical topics will be included and links will be made to motivational climate (Ames, 1992), the skills framework (WAG, 2008), inclusion (Haskins, 2005), teaching styles (Mosston and Ashworth, 2002), high quality PE (Hunt el al., 2009), the aims of PE (WAG, 2008) and role models (Payne et al., 2003). By researching into these key areas, potential solutions will be presented to help resolve the issues identified with your son. One of the mains issues identified is the racist comments from pupils and the racial stereotyping from some teachers within the school. McDonald and Hayes (2003) define racism to be where a group of people are discriminated on the basis of their cultural characteristics. Racism can include inappropriate name calling, stereotyping and racial acts (McDonald and Hayes, 2003). As a school we will not tolerate any means of racism. One potential solution to help prevent this problem occurring again is immediately holding a workshop for all pupils, making every child aware of what racism is and the consequences of their actions. It’s important that your son has a positive experience at school, as since the 1960’s Afro-Caribbean pupils have been labelled as underachievers (Taylors, 1981; Tomlinson, 1983). This is definitely not the case for your son as he is very talented, particularly within football. We believe that holding the racism workshop will reinforce the rules of the school and how, if this act takes place, each pupil will be disciplined. Hayes and Stidder (2003) found that many PE teachers suggest that PE and school sport is an area of the curriculum that is least affected by racial discrimination. Therefore, this workshop will hopefully address not only the discrimination taking place in PE, but across the whole of the school. Gainge (2001, p23) argues that ‘schools that recognise “race” and ethnicity” as issues are more likely to be successful in serving minority pupils needs than a colour blind approach’. Each PE teacher plays an important role because they have an unforgettable presence for both pupils who love and enjoy PE and for all those who do their very best to get out of each lesson (Hayes and Stidder, 2003). An additional and longer term solution in helping to solve the problem of racism within the school could be to recruit more black teachers. In...
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