Exegesis: Judges Iii

Topics: Book of Judges, Canaan, Bible Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 15, 2009
Exegesis: Judges III

Inside the Passage
-key pieces of the passage explained in detail (historically, message wise, theologically)
-Key word study (comprehensive, definitive, and aware complexity and ambiguity?)
-summary of the passage (clear, concise, persuasive)
-other Biblical material to understand this passage (references elsewhere in the OT or NT
- list your sources
I. Prologue: Incomplete Conquest and Apostasy (1:1- 3:6)
A. First Episode: Israel’s Failure to Purge the Land (1:1- 2:5)
B. Second Episode: God’s Dealings with Israel’s Rebellion (2:6- 3:6) II. Oppression and Deliverance (3:7- 16:31)
A. Othneil Defeats Aram Naharaim (3:7-11)
B. Ehud Defeats Moab (3:12-30)
C. Deborah Defeats Canaan (Chs. 4-5)
D. Gideon Defeats Midian (Chs. 6-8)
e. Abimelech, the anti- judge (Ch. 9)
F. Jepthah Defeats Ammon (10:6- 12:7)
III. Epilogue: Religious and Moral Disorder (Chs. 17-21)
A. First Episode (Chs. 17-18; see 17:6; 18:1)
1. Micah’s Corruption of Morals (Ch. 19)
2. The Benjaminites’ near removal from their tribal territory (Chs. 20-21)

Summary and breakdown
There is a re-occurring theme in the book of Judges, which is also displayed in the third chapter. The author [tradition ascribes this book to Samuel, but the exact author is unknown] summarizes and explains the Lords dealings with His rebellious people by starting each passage by saying that the people of Israel at the time “Did evil in the eyes of the Lord”. Each cycle has a similar beginning, again stating that “The people did evil in the eyes of the Lord” (There is a total of five times in which this cycle of Sin, Servitude, Supplication, and Salvation occur, in the book of Judges) 1.) Sin- The Israelites fell into patterns of idol worship and turn away from the commands given to them in the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) 2.) Servitude- Neighboring nations invade and oppress the Israelites. Israelites are unable to resist. 3.) Supplication- Under...
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